Experimental electronic duo Glass create a club-inspired sound collage on new LP





Using machine learning to random internet sound sampling, voice experimentation, max/msp programming, eld recordings, and more.

Caen-based duo Glass are releasing a new album called Anxiety Prime, via Comic Sans Records this September.

The 7-track album is described by the label as: “a physical exploration of socio-political violence and the ambiguous nature of our fragmented personality in our modern society.”

More broadly, “By ‘abusing’ a wide range of compositional techniques and tools, their agency aims to echo modern commodification.”

The album follows “apparitions” on OOH-sounds, Santé Records, and SFX.

Pre-order Anxiety Sound here in advance of its 21st September release, check out the cover artwork and tracklist below.


Side A

A1. Spot Explorer
A2. Hybrid Thinking
A3. (High) Reptile Shit
A4. Online Fantasy

Side B

B1. Skin Transfer
B2. Quantic Blunt
B3. Jim and Caroline Were Bad Omens