VF Live: DJ HUMILDAD (Meridian Brothers)



“The transmutation of styles that are funky and groovy” – from Colombian vallenato to Amazonian disco and beyond.

In VF Live, our favourite artists take you inside their homes and record shops, for intimate mixes and performances.

DJ HUMILDAD aka Meridian Brothers’ Eblis Álvarez steps up for his first set direct from his Bogota HQ:

“The main idea is the transmutation of styles, It’s inspired by different stages. I took some of my favourite tunes and guided them from guitar and bass-fuelled funky music from Colombia and South Africa, then tried to modulate to accordion music. At that stage, I played some Dominican stuff, cumbia and and Colombian vallenato. I then modulated to Sexteto Palenquero, via brass band music Banda San Francisco and the legendary Candelazos Curro, At the end, I came back to South Africa and closed with Amazonian disco. What I tried to do was to join some very different styles in a fluid line. The transmutation of styles that are funky and groovy…”


1. Boy Masaka, Boyoyo Boys – Moon
2. Quim do Santos – Joia, aka La Batea – *“Thanks to DJ Don Alirio for finding this tune”
3. Niña Emilia – Diablo
4. Grupo Folclórico – La Ripita
5. Son Diferente – Voy Cantando
6. Luis Quintero – Dale Palo
7. Conj Típico De Valledupar – La Pegajosa
8. Cuarteto Hernandez – El Carabiné
9. Pacho Rada – La Culpa Es Tuya
10. Sexteto La Constelación de Colombia – Muerte Lenta – *This is a project I had with several Bogotan musicians from the avant-garde tropical scene.:
11. Banda San Francisco de La Paz – Huelele Huelela
12. Candelazos Curro – El Sindicato
13. Udingane – Siyelkeleni Singene
14. Agnando Do Amazonas – Cocotinha No Ar

Meridian Brothers’ Cumbia Siglo XXI is out now.