VF Live: Dar Disku



From Iranian boogie to Libyan soul via Bollywood Hi-NRG.

In VF Live, collectors take you inside their homes, record shops, and studios for intimate sets and mixes.

For their first VF Live set, Dar Disku embark “on a journey through the soundscapes of the Middle East.”

“Starting with Libyan soul, Iranian boogie, Bollywood Hi-NRG, following a dive into Algerian ’90s night-time club music and Lebanese pop, the mix is a combination of the inspirations used for our dancefloor-ready edits alongside childhood home soundtracks,” the duo explain.

Watch and listen to the set in full above, and check out the tracklist below.


1. Ahmed Fakroun – Ya Farhe Beek
2. Noosh Afarin* Gol-e Aftab Gardoon
3. Ahmed Fakroun – Kalimat Hob
4. Ya Rayah Edit – Rachid Taha
5. Sammy Clark – Ya Habayeb Hebbouna
6. Jacqueline – Anta Hobbi
7. Sehrazat – Hürüm Artık
8. Khaled – Didi
9. Kishore Kumar – Zaroorat Hai / Disco Nasha Nandu Bhende
10. Jack N Chill – Beatin the Heat
11. Afacan Sound System – Ya Sabir Disco
12. Alex Dorothée Et Sa Troupe Gavodiè – Afro Zouk
13. H.A.N.D – 01
14. Arabic Language Learning Course – Lesson 5
15. Hysteric – Summer in Cairo
16. Cheb Mimoune – Abdel Kader (Dar Disku Edit)