VF Live: AGS Honolulu with Lei and Aisha





With Japanese jazz, gospel, and soul – direct from Aloha Got Soul’s Hawaii HQ.

In VF Live, DJs take you inside their homes, record stores, and studios for intimate sets and mixes.

Aloha Got Soul kicks off a new series of sets from its record store, AGS Honolulu, featuring Lei and Aisha playing Japanese jazz, gospel, and soul.

Speaking about the set, AGS shares: “Lei is co-founder of AGS Honolulu – the Hawaii record shop launched earlier this year by Aloha Got Soul. Aisha is a DJ and radio show co-host on Hawaii Public Radio. Lei and Aisha met in 2016 as college radio DJs at the University of Hawai‘i. Before they met, they noticed each other’s initials on the same CDs and records on rotation at the station (initials note when a DJ plays a track on-air).

“Since the opening of AGS Honolulu in June, Sunday mornings have become a chance for impromptu hangs and a space to freely listen to music found throughout the week. Today’s set includes Japanese jazz that Aisha inherited from her grandfather, and the soulful stylings of early 1980s American gospel groups from Lei’s in-rotation crate. Over coffee and vegan donuts, the crew played tunes for friends before the shop opened for the day.”

The cabinets and record bins were made by The Albizia Project – a local company incentivizing the removal of invasive species in an effort to restore Hawai‘i’s native ecosystem. You can also see AGS’ “Island Vibes” double-sided slipmats 🙂 made in dedication to Arthur Lyman, Hawaiian jazz vibraphonist and marimba player, and his Island Vibes reissue. We’re also using a E&S DJR400 mixer.”

Watch and listen to the set above, check out the tracklist below.


1. Kimiko Kasai – Dat Dere
2. Sadao Watanabe Quartet – Pastoral
3. Sadao Watanabe – Ita (Calling)
4. Ryo Fukui – Early Summer
5. Yuji Ohno & His Project (Proof of the Man) – The Main Theme from “Proof of the Man”
6. John & Pam Morris – Strange, But Marvelous
7. The Clark Sisters – World?
8. The Winans – Self
9. Keith Thomas – Livin’ Without Your Love
10. Passage – Open Up Your Heart
11. Kristle – I’ll Go
12. Elbernita “Twinkie” Clark – Awake O Zion
13. The Clark Sisters – Is My Living In Vain?

Head here to explore AGS Honolulu.

Photo: Roger Bong