Watch Conrad Shawcross' dancing robot The Ada Project in action



Artist Conrad Shawcross is joined by Mira Calix, Beatrice Dillon and Tamara & Mylo to explains the technics and asethtcics behind his astonishingly anthropomorphic creation.

For Conrad Shawcross’s ADA Project, four renowned female artists were invited to create compositions in response to a dancing robot, programmed and hacked by the London-based artist himself. The idea was to reverse the traditional commissioning process – rather than a machine responding to music, instead the machine is the primary source of inspiration. The result is a unique, collaborative artwork consisting of four robotic choreographies, each with an intrinsically connected composition.

Staged over three weeks at The Vinyl Factory’s Brewer Street Car Park space, The Ada Project also heralded the release of four new tracks by the collaborating artists, which you can buy in limited and standard 12″ editions from The Vinyl Factory shop.

You can watch the whole of Mira Calix’s track being performed with the robot here, photos from the show here and listen to a podcast with Shawcross on the piece here.