From Ali Farka Touré to Devo: Listen to a new vinyl mix by Owiny Sigoma Band





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Culture clash collective Owiny Sigoma Band take the reigns for VF Mix 17.

One of our essential releases in late 2015, the new album from Owiny Sigoma Band lands tomorrow on Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood.

Whipping up an eclectic and intriguing brew, the new record, titled Nyanza, draws on everything from Shangaan electro to dub and synth pop. If 2012’s Power Punch is anything to go by, expect a stinging left right. Listen and pre-order the record here.

For now, the band trace their sprawling, cross-cultural palate in our latest vinyl-only mix. Avant-garde Spanish ambience, eastern melodies, African folk, industrial, Sun Ra, calypso, weird post punk-cum-jungle, electro funk… an incredible amount of ground is covered in just under an hour.

Listen below, and scroll down for Jesse Hackett’s track-by-track rundown.

Words: Jesse Hackett


Finis Africae
‘Hybla’ from Finis Africae
(Grabaciones Accidentales, 1984) / Buy

Spanish collective fusing a great number of ‘world’ and ‘ethnic’ musical styles under one unique musical umbrella. Members Juan A. Arteche, Luis Delgado and Javier Bergia create weird otherwoldy post punk hippy music using tape loops and early overdubbing techniques.


Sun City Girls
‘This Is My Name’ from Funeral Mariachi
(Abduction, 2010) / Buy

A tribute album to their drummer Charles Cocher. Beutiful eastern melodies with Americana, crime noir, noise guitar and surrealist and mystical lyricism. BONUS.


Ali Farka Touré
‘Ni Foli’ from 1984 Mali Recording
(Social Music Records, 2011) / Buy

Raw as you like early Ali Farka taken from cassette tapes recorded in 1984. Makes even Howlin Wolf or Lead Belly seem a little light. ZOOOP.


Marc Barreca
‘Community Life’ from Light Sounds Dark
(Light Sounds Dark, 2013)

Odd post punk tune – sounds like early jungle.


‘Right On Time’ from Right On Time
(Treasure, 1984)
/ Buy

Good electro funk from this LA native – kind of industrial and gothic. SICK.


Sun Ra
Adventures Of Bugs Hunter from The Solar-Myth Approach Vol. 1
(BYG Records, 1972)
/ Buy

The title says it all – prepare for the sound of insects playing jazz on Saturn.


‘Can U Take It?’ from Hardcore Devo Volume 2: 1974-1977
(Rykodisc, 1991) / Buy

Heavy shit from Devo in the primal years – produced by Eno. Angular, jerky garage, proto punk funk junk … A must.


Polar Bear
‘Leafcup’ from Polar Bear
(Tin Angel, 2008) / Buy

Local lads done good. Very filmic and dark – kind of like Jewish klezmer John Zorn sound but with its own twist … GOOD ‘UN.


Owiny Sigoma
‘Yukimwi’ from Power Punch!!!
(Brownswood, 2013) / Buy

These lot are decent.


Steel An’ Skin ‎
‘Reggae Is Here Once Again’ from Reggae Is Here Once Again
(Steel An’ Skin, 1979) / Buy

Lush calypso infused, west London punky disco reggae. YEP.