Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones – ‘When The Night Falls’ (15th Sept – 9th Oct)




The Vinyl Factory is proud to announce the opening of a new gallery space in the heart of Chelsea, located on Walton Street. The gallery will launch in collaboration with ‘Daydreaming with…’ to present the first solo show by acclaimed photographers and “painters with light” Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones.

Widely recognised as masters of their artform, Du Preez and Thornton Jones’ stunning new series of artworks questions accepted notions of beauty and the female form. An evocative series combining classicism and surrealism in an esoteric way, ‘When The Night Falls’ presents the pair’s “dreams in reality” by exploring and working within unique artistic processes that show photography in a completely new light.

Following group shows at Haunch of Venison, National Portrait Gallery, Fondation Cartier, ICA and Colette Paris, ‘When The Night Falls’ is the first time Du Preez and Thornton Jones have exhibited their startling vision on their own terms. Renowned artistic collaborators who have worked with the likes of Alexander McQueen, Bjork, Issey Miyake and Russell Maliphant, their first solo show also has its genesis in a creative partnership with the musician and curator James Lavelle, whom the pair worked with on the artwork for the recent UNKLE album and Daydreaming with… James Lavelle exhibition at Haunch of Venison.

The show will feature a series of new works, including two stunning gold-foiled large format prints and a limited edition vinyl and art release from long-term creative collaborator and UNKLE founder James Lavelle. This consists of 6 x 100 screen-printed sleeves treated with a totally new printing process, each housing 2 metallic vinyl records containing exclusive music.

For more info on how to get your hands on the UNKLE records featuring Du Preez and Thornton Jones’ artwork, visit our shop.

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