The world’s smallest turntable can fit onto the back of a stylus cartridge




Forget 7″s, this turntable only plays vinyl by the micrometre.

Last month, a first edition of Hank Mobley’s mythical Blue Note LP was sold on eBay for £7,300 to become one of the most expensive jazz records of all time. Tucked away in the sale description of this seminal record was an aside that was impossible to ignore. Commissioned to celebrate the sale of the record was the world’s smallest turntable, crafted by acclaimed micro-artist Willard Wigan.

And it’s not any old turntable. Such is the detail of this microscopic work that it’s modelled explicitly on a Garrard 301. It even comes complete with mini Blue Note record and Rudy Van Gelder – the legendary jazz producer behind some of the genres most important records.

To find out how you can own this extraordinary thing, you can contact the seller here.

Check out the photos below. They don’t even begin to do justice to the scale.

tiny turntable


tiny tunrtable3

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