Moody Good’s debut album gets deluxe vinyl pressing; stream the two bonus tracks now





The Vinyl Factory steps in to release Moody Good’s self-titled debut on vinyl.

Given his prominent role in producing Björk’s 2011 LP Biophilia it’s not altogether surprising that The Guardian have since described Moody Good’s solo work as “the sort of textured, sometimes terrifying, sometimes lush dance music that you’d expect someone like Björk might enjoy”.

Following work with the Icelandic artist, the former 16bit member and Chicago-based Londoner Eddie Jeffreys aka Moody Good struck out alone this year to release his self-titled debut online, a powerful 15-track set that rapaciously devours a huge range of genres and influences; a patchwork of tunnelling bass, Burial-esque two-step, glitchy electronica and sensuous R&B vocals.

Stream the two bonus tracks below:

Released on vinyl for the first time, Moody Good has been remastered for vinyl and pressed to a pair of 180g heavyweight vinyl records. Featuring two exclusive bonus tracks not available on the original digital release, the release will be limited to 500 copies which you can order from The Vinyl Factory now.

See the full vinyl track list and artwork below:

front copy

back copy

Side A
1. Eulogy For The Janitor (1.13)
2. Grumbles n Sparkles (feat. Rejjie Snow & Joshua Idehen) (3.32)
3. Living Off the High (feat. Harleighblu) (3.51)
4. Musicbx (feat. Eryn Allen Kane) (2.41)
5. Ziambey (feat. Big Narstie) (3.15)
6. Eulogy For the Caretaker (1.52)

Side B
7. Kings Cross (feat Yadi) (3.18)
8. Docbond (4.34)
9 Hotplate (feat. Knytro) (4.16)
10. Raindrips (feat. Ruby Lee Ryder) (4.48)

Side C
11. Rizzlateef (5.03)
12. Beebears Violinterlude (1.17)
13. Bubbles (feat Harleighblu) (3.02)
14. Eulogy For the Concierge (1.29)
15. The March of the Hallowed Duck (5.14)

Side D
16. Living Off the High (2 Step Mix) (4.38) – Exclusive
17. Gatekeeper (4.31) – Exclusive