Linett Kamala launches campaign to involve more women in soundsystem scene





Kamala was one of the first female DJs to perform at Notting Hill Carnival.

Linett Kamala has launched a campaign to bring more women into the UK’s soundsystem culture.

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Kamala, who was one of the first female DJs at Notting Hill Carnival, has created a mentoring programme called Original Sounds Collective.

The organisation will offer training, experience and access to equipment. Mentors for the group include carnival legends Dubplate Pearl and Ella Davidson-Smith.

“Women have always been around and part of soundsystem culture. It’s just not always been as visible,” Kamala said, speaking to The Guardian. “So me stepping into the fore as a young woman back then was bringing more visibility to the females who were around, but not as prominent and taking on some of those roles like DJ or MC.”

“People feel like they’re perhaps in isolation. They’re feeling like they’re the only ones doing this or feeling this way, and really want to learn more about it. The first step is about connecting and having that courage”.

The first round of participants has already been chosen, but the programme will open for new applications soon. Find out more here.