Electronic composer Anna Meredith returns with striking second EP “Jet Black Raider”





New work draws comparisons with Steve Reich, Flying Lotus and James Blake.

Following her critically acclaimed debut EP “Black Prince Fury”, classically trained electronic artist Anna Meredith has returned to release her second EP on limited edition vinyl in collaboration with Moshi Moshi and The Vinyl Factory.

Having garnered critical praise in a previous life as a contemporary classical composer (regarded by the Daily Telegraph as “one of Britain’s leading young composers”) Meredith has begun collecting plaudits as a major new talent in electronic music, championed by Pitchfork in the wake of of “Black Prince Fury” and its maximalist curtain raiser “Nautilus“.

Picking up where those surging trumpets left off, “Jet Black Raider” is Meredith’s most fully realised set of electronic soundscapes yet, led by the rolling synths of “Orlok”, which ebbs and flows between roaring vamps and delicate phrasing with the utmost control.

Honing her sound at live shows with These New Puritans and James Blake (with whom she shares a path from classical to electronic music), “Jet Black Raider” exhibits the meticulously off-kilter instrumentation that have led Pitchfork to describe the record as “an epically ominous fantasia” – a four-track suite and cinematic wall of sound that owes as much to the minimalism of Steve Reich as the freeform psychedelia of Flying Lotus.

Limited to 500 copies, the 180gram 12″ single is available for pre-order from The Vinyl Factory shop ahead of its official release on 19th August 2013.

Brimming with imagination, you can watch the recently unveiled video for “Orlok” below:

Jet Black Raider Packshot copy

1. Unicron
2. Bubble Gun
3. Orlok
4. ALR