Amazing photos of a time when cars had vinyl record players

Amazing photos of a time when cars had vinyl record players




Records while you roll.

Never mind tuning the radio, try flipping a 45 and adjusting the tonearm while speeding down the motorway. Not quite what Kraftwerk had in mind when they composed music for the Autobahn (although for many record collectors, this will seem equally utopian), the Columbia Records “Highway Hi-Fi” (or Philips Mignon, depending on your allegiance) was the must-have accessory for the any self-respecting Plymouth Fury pilot or Chevrolet chauffeur.

Even the celebs were at it, with Muhammad Ali and George Harrison both roped into the ubiquitous leaning photo-shoot with the gadgets, which now seems like a relic of endless luxury and extravagance. Although it’ll doubtless make those of you allergic to scratches wince, we wager just a few will still check out how much you can grab one for on eBay.

Thanks to The Strut for reminding us of these incredible units. Check out photos of the Highway Hi-Fi (and Philips Mignon!) in action below.







imphot33 []



(This article was updated to include reference to the Philips Mignon 22/10/13)

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