Our 12 favourite Home Grown collections of 2017

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Because every record collection has a story.

This year we’ve had the pleasure of talking with an incredibly broad and enthusiastic range of collectors from across the globe through our Home Grown series.

The aim is simple. We ask our readers a set of questions designed to explore the motivations and inspirations behind their record collections – What motivations them to collect? Which records do they cherish the most?

The result has been stunning. Our Home Grown archive exists as a cross-section of beautiful anecdotes and heart-felt stories from DIY collectors, supported by a stunning gallery of photographs giving us an intimate look inside their homes.

So, it’s only right that we showcase some of our favourite collectors (and collections) in a 2017 retrospective.

Want to submit to Home Grown? Send a gallery of images and answers to the following questions to social@thevinylfactory.com

Instagram (if applicable):
# of records (approx.):
How long have you been collecting for?
What part of your set-up are you most proud of?
What record(s) are you most proud of?
What does your record collection mean to you?

Agasyah Karim

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Size of collection (approx.): 700-ish

Read more here.

Olly Batho


Location: London, England

Size of collection (approx.): 2,000 12” / LPs , 200 7”s

Read more here.

Ryan Cory

Instagram: @ryan.cory // @vinylresurgence

Location: Seattle, WA

# of records (approx.): 1,000

Read more here.

Raül Vázquez

Location: Barcelona

Size of collection (approx.): 300 albums

Read more here.

Jimmy Myhre

Location: Mölndal, Sweden

Size of collection (approx.): Somewhere between 7-7,500 LPs and 12″s, about 1,200 singles, 115 10″s, 2,200 CDs and 118 cassettes. So many memories of my life within the grooves…

Read more here.

Adam Rowe Lonczynski

Location: Chicago, IL

Size of collection (approx.): 3,478 records (as of February 5th, 2017)

Read more here.

Dominik Bartmanski

Instagram: vinyldomain

Location: Berlin, Germany

Size of collection (approx.): 3,500 records

Read more here.

Palo Santo

Instagram: @palosantodiscos

Location: ‘Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

Size of collection (approx.): 1,000 LPs and 500 7″s

Read more here.

Zach Cowie

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Size of collection: About 10,000 LPs and 45s in total

Read more here.


Christian d’Or

Instagram: @christiandorofdenmark

Location: Denmark

# of records (approx.): 3,500

Read more here.

Anthony Camplone

Location: Melbourne, Australia

# of records (approx.): 2,800

Read more here.

Erickson Raif

Instagram: @Nov_Spawned_A_Monster

Location: Los Angeles

# of records (approx.): 1,000

Read more here.