Last minute gifts for vinyl lovers

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A haul to make Santa jealous.

Our pick of vinyl and music-related gift ideas for all budgets including books, turntables and vinyl accessories.

SPINCARE: 12inch Polythene Sleeves 50 Pack

Price: £9.98


It might not be the sexiest present, but there’s no doubt that the vinyl lover in your life is always in need of more outer sleeves. Help them keep those precious records safe with a 50-pack of polythene sleeves.

FM3 Buddha Machine #1 (Blue)

Price: £27.98


Open up the world of looping with the newly revived edition of FM3 Buddha Machine. Available in five colours, this portable device could be the first step to a production career for your loved one and guarantee you a future filled with Soundcloud links and live gig invites.

20 Years Of Phonica Records Anniversary Limited Tote Bag

Price: £8.99


Celebrate Christmas and Phonica’s 20th birthday all in one go with this trusty limited edition tote bag, perfect for carrying records and flaunting at social gatherings.

Record Cleaning Brush

Price £8.99

Have a friend whose dusty records stress you out? Gently prod them towards better vinyl care with this nifty record-cleaning brush from Phonica Records.

AIAIAI TMA-2 Studio Wireless+ Headphones

Price: £300


Free your loved one from using one overworked pair of headphones for listening, DJing and the studio by getting them AIAIAI’s wireless studio headphones. Using a W+ Link technology with low latency, these headphones will help step anyone’s production game up.

ACS Pacato Ear Plugs

Price: £13.99


Want your loved one to be able to hear your voice in all its wonder, even if they hit the club every weekend? Get them this fine set of earplugs that’ll keep their hearing safe and allow you to whisper sweet nothings for years to come.

Mastersounds Turntable Weight – Black

Price: £59.95


The classics are classics for a reason and Mastersounds’ turntable weight will keep your records stable, whether you’re DJing to thousands or settling in for a solo listening session.

UDG Trolley To Go Black

Price: £175


For times when a tote bag just won’t cut it, the UDG Trolley To Go will protect the back of the vinyl DJ in your life with its 40 to 50 record capacity. Perfect for fitting as hand luggage.

Out Of Space: How UK Cities Shaped Rave Culture by Jim Ottewill

Price: £9.99


For the friend who always has a fun fact at the function, Jim Ottewill’s Out Of Space masterfully traces the growth of rave culture across the UK and contextualises it within its social, political and economic roots. Geography has never been so much fun!

Audio-Technica Sound Burger

Price: £199


Does your friend have a record collection that never sees the light? Sick of the excuse “I don’t have time to sit down and listen to records”? Give the gift of portability this Christmas with the extremely cute retro-design Audio-Technica Sound Burger and finally see those beautiful records leave the Kallax.

The Vinyl Factory Gift Voucher

Price: £10.00 – £1,000.00


The greatest gift of all? A voucher from The Vinyl Factory, of course! Available from £10 to £1,000, take your pick from our extensive back catalogue including releases from Es Devlin, Yussef Dayes, Ryoji Ikeda and more.

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