Cosmic club: Italian legend Daniele Baldelli selects his 50 favourite cosmic records

Cosmic club: Italian legend Daniele Baldelli selects his 50 favourite cosmic records





With a rework of Róisín Murphy under his Orion’s belt, we invited cosmic disco trailblazer Beldelli to school us with a selection of records. He didn’t hold back, delivering fifty (yes, FIFTY) of his favourite cosmic hits.

In the late 70’s Baldelli took up a residency at Cosmic, a nightclub by Lake Garda, and rose to stardom with his experimental mixing style. He combined an extremely diverse range of genres – from European electronica to reggae, synth pop to African folk – often played at improper speeds and mixed with effects and drum machines. Baldelli’s worldly and hypnotic sets fathered the cosmic sound, a movement that set itself apart from the Italo disco scene.

He’s still going strong, playing scintillating mixes around the world as well as producing his own brand of outer worldly dance music. Just last week, he paired up with Marco Dionigi to produce a retro-futuristic reworking of Róisín Murphy’s ‘Ancora Tu’. Have a listen and order it here.

Baldelli has entrusted us with an unprecedented selection of the records from the original cosmic disco scene. Essentially if you got your hands on Baldelli’s eclectic record bag from back in the day, below is some of what you might find. We’ve put all 50 tracks into one giant playlist for you to listen to or alternatively check out the tracks (and the records were you can find them) individually.

  • Mimì

    Daniele Baldelli = MAESTRO.

  • Greg Thorpe

    This playlist is killing me, so good. (Are Killing Joke meant to be in there btw…?)

    • barrry baptist

      its a great dub disco track. why would it not be there.