Strut announces debut LP by ONIPA, We No Be Machine





Congolese instrumentals fuse with Coupé-Décalé drums and sunny Soukous rhythms.

ONIPA are releasing their debut album, We No Be Machine, this Spring via Strut.

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ONIPA is a collaboration between KOG (aka Kweku Sackey) and Tom Excell, with a live show that features KOG on vocals/balafon/percussion, Excell on guitar, Dwayne Kilvington on synthesizers/MPC, and Finn Booth on drums.

Their 19 track debut album “channels the spirit of ’80s greats like Kanda Bongo Man through their Ghana-meets-UK prism”, shares Strut.

ONIPA have also released two tracks from the album – ‘Onipa’ and ‘Makoma’.

ONIPA’s debut follows Strut’s Madagascar compilation – Alefa Madegascar: Salegy, Soukous & Soul from the Red Island 1974-1984, one of our favourite releases from September.

Check out the tracklist below ahead of We No Be Machine’ Spring 2020 release.


1. We No Be Machine
2. Mr Ali
3. Yenimno
4. Material Microdots
5. Hey No I Say
6. Digital Timeline
7. Fire
8. Makoma
9. Smoke Screen
10. Nipa Bi
11. Free up (feat. Spoek Mathambo & Syntax)
12. Safari Ya Muziki
13. Gamashie Choice
14. Sohaa Gb3k3
15. Waters of Congo
16. Onipa
17. Kukuru
18. Kon Kon Sa
19. Promised Land