Ryuichi Sakamoto scores Black Mirror episode, ‘Smithereens’, for vinyl release



A dystopian trip from the legendary composer and YMO co-founder.

Ryuichi Sakamoto has scored an episode of the new series of Black Mirror.

Further exploring themes around alienation and dystopian near-futures brought on by technological advancement, the episode, ‘Smithereens’, sees a disgruntled driver suffering a meltdown while working for an Uber-esque taxi company.

Ryuichi Sakmoto is the latest high profile composer to score an episode of the show, which is now entering its fifth season. Other artists like Sigur Rós and Clint Mansell have also seen their Black Mirror soundtracks subsequently released on vinyl.

Update 23/10/20: Music On Vinyl have re-released the soundtrack on limited black and white vinyl – head here to purchase a copy.


1. Meditation
2. Plot
3. This Is My Last Day
4. Hayley
5. Prey
6. Chain Smoking Addict
7. Chase
8. Reverse Service
9. Closing In
10. Countdown
11. Retreat
12. Flashback
13. Gun Is Real
14. Shot
15. Degrade
16. Car Crash
17. This Is My Last Day 2
18. Memory Of A Single Moment
19. Release