Ryoji Ikeda premieres mind-bending new A/V artwork test pattern [N°12] at The Store X





The Store X The Vinyl Factory-commissioned installation opens in London next month.

Visitor Information

5th Oct – 14th Dec 2017

Tuesday – Saturday: 12pm-7pm
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm

UPDATE: Ryoji Ikeda & Arthur Jafa installations extended until 14th Dec.


The Store X
180 The Strand,
London, WC2R 1EA


Japanese artist, composer and arch data manipulator Ryoji Ikeda will unveil a new, immersive audio-visual artwork at The Store X, 180 The Strand in London this October.

test pattern [N°12] is the latest iteration of Ikeda’s test pattern project, begun in 2006, in which the artist converts data (from music, sound, photo and video) into monochrome binary patterns that are generated in real-time and envelop the viewer in a disorientating, highly-charged kinetic environment.

Probing the essential characteristics of sound and light, Ikeda’s work bridges the worlds of art and music and challenges fundamental preconceptions of both through the intensity of his installations.

It marks the first in a series of VF-commissioned artworks, which will also see film-maker and Kendrick Lamar collaborator Kahlil Joseph present new film Fly Paper as part of his first solo show in NYC.

test pattern [N°12] is one of three site-specific The Store X The Vinyl Factory commissions to appear at The Store X this autumn, presented alongside Arthur Jafa’s Kanye West-soundtracked video work Love is the Message, the Message is Death and Jeremy Shaw’s sci-fi pseudo-documentary Liminals. All three will run parallel to The Vinyl Factory and Lisson Gallery’s major exhibition Everything At Once.

It follows a series of collaborations, which has seen Ikeda release numerous records with VF (including his 10×10″ Solar System box set and Code Name: A-Z) and stage his extraordinary supersymmetry work at Brewer Street Car Park in 2015.

Earlier this year, Ikeda exhibited test pattern [nº11] at The Vinyl Factory co-curated festival Elevation 1049 in the Swiss Alps. Get a taste of what to expect above.

Ryoji Ikeda’s test pattern [N°12] opens on 5th October and runs until 14th December 2017, at The Store X, 180 The Strand, London WC2R 1EA and is free to visit.