Pauline Oliveros concert recording from 2009 released on vinyl for the first time





An experimental performance from the Deep Listening Institute legend.

Pauline Oliveros’ 2009 live concert with musician Alan Courtis is being released on vinyl under the name Telematic Concert, via Spleencoffin this May.

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Telematic Concert was recorded for Oliveros’ Deep Listening Institute’s Dream Festival during October 2009, with Oliveros performing live from Kingston, New York, while Courtis joined digitally from Buenos Aires.

The performance fused Oliveros’ accordion-produced drone and “expanded instrument system” with the sounds of Courtis’ unstringed guitar feedback and object processing.

Listen to an extract below:

Telematic Concert marks both the performance’s first release, as well as the first instalment in Spleencoffin’s new Vault Series, which will focus on unreleased recordings from artists’ archives.

The album follows the reissue of Oliveros, Stuart Dempster, and Panaiotis’ foundational 1989 album Deep Listening for the first time in 2019.

Head here to pre-order a copy in advance of Telematic Concert’s 22nd May release, and check out the artwork below.