Meitei releasing new album under Tenka alias, Hydration





Designed to evoke the sensory experiences of Japanese forests.

Meitei is debuting his Tenka alias, with a new album called Hydration arriving this September on Métron Records.

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Focused around the mountain forests close to Meitei’s home, Hydration aims to capture the sounds, smells, and atmosphere of these surroundings.

The album is accompanied by a fragrance created in collaboration with scent designer Ryoko Hori.

Hydration follows the release of Meitei’s last album, ​​Kofū II, via KITCHEN. LABEL last year.

Pre-order Hydration from Bandcamp in advance of its 14th September release; check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Antioxidant Shower ~ Permanent Natural Circulations Seem To Be Beautiful ~
2. Diverse Aesthetics ~ Our Hydration Is A Symbol ~
3. How to Spend An Aromatic Night ~ 23PM-1AM ~
4. The Ocean That You Observe In My Aquarium ~ The Eternity I See In Your Eyes ~
5. Nutrition ~ Microorganisms In The Darkness Of Life ~
6. This Is The Treatment That Is Being Done At This Moment ~ In My Own Melancholia ~

Photo by Yuri Nanasaki