Meitei explores Japanese history and identity on ​​Kofū II





Drawing on samples, hauntological sonics, and musique concrete.

Hiroshima-based composer Meitei is releasing a new album, titled ​​Kofū II, via KITCHEN. LABEL this December.

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Having completed previous album Kofū’, Meitei was left with over 60 fully formed tracks. These songs form the basis of ​​Kofū II.

Designed to make “us to reassess our relationship with the past”, ​​Kofū II aims to explore Japanese identity and history through samples, hauntological sonics, musique concrete, and “spectral vignettes.”

​​Kofū II follows Meitei’s ​​Kofū album, released in 2020.

Pre-order ​​Kofū II here in advance of its 10th December release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Megumi
2. Tōkaidō
3. Happyaku-yachō
4. Kaworu
5. Ochi-musha
6. Yoshiwara
7. Shurayuki hime
8. Shinobi
9. Arinsu
10. Saryō
11. Akira Kurosawa
12. Ji