Lose yourself in the dance with Róisín Murphy's new video for 'The Rumble'



From the final instalment of her 4×12″ series with Maurice Fulton.

Róisín Murphy has shared the next self-directed video to accompany her series of 12″s with house producer Maurice Fulton.

Shot in one take, the video centres around choreographer and dancer Lindy Nsingo, as she loses herself in the pulsating euphoria of the track, from its brooding opening to the gospel organ exultations of the finale.

As Murphy explains: “I was lucky enough to work with badass choreographer and dancer Lindy Nsingo across these video projects. Before this performance, I showed her a reference for the dancing, a clip from The New Dance Show, a late ’80s tv show from Detroit, the clip featured a woman who looked like Lindy – popping and head-banging to some incredible techno, we used it as the styling reference also, but I had no clue Lindy would take it to the extremes she did.

“The performance blew the top off the room but still, I didn’t expect ‘The Rumble’ would be a one shot video until I watched the footage back. Her performance is like the track itself, it’s church, it’s spiritual, it’s possessed. This all happened at the end of a two day shoot and I’m only proud that I had created an environment in which it could happen, the rest of it is all down to Lindy.”

‘The Rumble’ follows Murphy’s videos for ‘Jacuzzi Rollercoaster’, ‘Plaything’ and ‘All My Dreams’, released earlier this year.

‘The Rumble’ / ‘World’s Crazy’ is out now via The Vinyl Factory. Order a copy here.