Roísín Murphy unveils final 12” in Maurice Fulton-produced 4-part series





Hear the infectious dance floor stormers now.

Roísín Murphy has announced her fourth collaborative 12” ‘The Rumble’ / ‘World’s Crazy’ produced by Maurice Fulton via The Vinyl Factory, out digitally today ahead of its 2nd November vinyl release.

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“’The Rumble’ was written with Maurice and Mim,” shared Murphy. “Mim is amazing with infectious energy.”

“I needed help as it’s a mammoth track, like two songs in one, the second half is a vamp in which Maurice instructed me to preach! Preaching was not a natural stance for me but he insisted I try, now I can’t stop testifying, the process has changed me a little.”

Earlier this year, Róisín Murphy launched the series with ‘All My Dreams’ / ‘Innocence’ followed by ‘Plaything’ / ‘Like’ over the summer.

Last month, she released ‘Jacuzzi Rollercoaster’ / ‘Can’t Hang On’ with Ali Love lending vocal stylings to the boogie patrol.

When asked about the series, Murphy explained: “Ultimately it’s about dancing. My kind of dancing: all low and funky, allowing itself to be a little out of control.

“It’s all very simple in a way but Maurice has spent a lifetime immersed in music for dancing. His experience and depth of knowledge is undeniable. I did as I was told!”

Pre-order a copy of ‘The Rumble’ / ‘World’s Crazy’ here and check out the artwork created by Braulio Amado below.