Rare Japanese ’80s electronica by Normal Brain reissued for the first time





“Originally released on Agi Yuzuru’s fabled experimental label Vanity Records.”

Japanese group Normal Brain’s sole album, the 1981 LP Lady Maid, is being reissued for the first time, this March via WRWTFWW.

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Created and composed by Yukio Fujimoto using a Korg MS-20, a Korg SQ-10, a Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-55, and…a Texas Instruments Speak & Spell, Lady Maid was performed by a group including Shimura Satoshi and Ayumi Torii.

The A-side features five tracks that mix avant garde electronica, lo-fi wave, proto glitch and IDM sounds, while the B-side is a single, sci-fi hued, ethereal 20-minute ambient composition called ‘Fragment’.

Lady Maid follows WTWTFWW’s reissue of Dominique Guiot’s L’Univers De La Mer earlier this year, as well as MKWAJU Ensemble’s MKWAJU – one of our favourite reissues of 2018.

Pre-order a copy of the album here ahead of its 8th March release, listen to ‘Frottage One Way’ and check out the track list below.


Side A

A1. M-U-S-I-C
A2. Frottage “One Way”
A3. You Are Busy, I Am Easy
A4. K-300
A5. Frottage “SW”

Side B

B1. Fragment