Unheard music from Drexciya’s James Stinson released on Clone Records



Recorded under Stinson’s Tansllusion alias.

Clone Records’ Aqualung Series sub-label has released new four-track EP A Moment Of Insanity, from late Drexciya member James Stinson.

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A Moment Of Insanity was made under Stinson’s Transllusion alias and follows 2002 LP L.I.F.E. The music on the EP was taken from a recently discovered DAT tape comprising the third and final Transllusion sessions, which contained no identifying info other than the title.

Clone’s Aqualung Series began releasing early Drexciya and Drexciya-related material in 2009. In 2017, the sub-label released a never-heard-before six-track EP by Stinson as Jack Peoples, titled Laptop Café.

Earlier this year, Drexicya co-founder Gerald Donald released Conic Sections under the alias XOR Gate, one of our favourite albums of March.

Preview the EP above and pick up a copy from the Clone site here. [via RA]

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