Swedish producer DJ Seinfeld launches Young Ethics label with Galazy EP





A new house for his productions.

DJ Seinfeld aka Armand Jakobsson is launching his own label, Young Ethics.

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The imprint will initially be used exclusively for the output of DJ Seinfeld. Its first release will be his four-track Galazy EP, out 17th May.

“The name Young Ethics comes from both personal reflections and observations that I have had during the last few years,” shares Jakobsson.

“However my label is not intended to be a response to the many ethical dilemmas the industry and the individuals within find themselves in. My suspicion is merely that at least a part of those uncertain moments stem from the maturity (or lack thereof) of the industry; indeed often times it seems that it makes it up as we go along.”

Galazy EP is DJ Seinfeld’s first release since last year’s Sakura on Deep Sea Frequency.

It also follows his Time Spent Away From U LP on Meda Fury – one of our favourite albums of 2017.

Head here for more info, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Electrican video
2. Mono Melo
3. Uforia
4. Galazy

Photos by Rob Jones.