Electronic pioneer Delia Derbyshire’s The Dreams reissued on vinyl





Representing the sensation of dreaming through music.

Electronic pioneer Delia Derbyshire’s album The Dreams has been reissued on vinyl, via Fantome Phonographique.

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During the early 1960s, Derbyshire was tasked by British artist and playwright Barry Bermange to create the music for four of his radio plays, collectively known as Four Inventions for Radio.

The Dreams was the first in the series, and sought to translate typical dreaming sensations and tropes — including falling, running and the sea — into sound.

As well as the reissue, Derbyshire’s life and legacy has been explored in a recent film called Sisters With Transistors, which shines a light on the ground-breaking impact of women in electronic music.

Purchase The Dreams here, and check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Running
2. Land
3. Falling
4. Colour
5. Sea