Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s Keyboard Fantasies reissued in 35th anniversary edition





Featuring liner notes by Robyn and new artwork.

Beverly Glenn-Copeland is reissuing his Keyboard Fantasies album in a 35th anniversary edition, via Transgressive Records this April.

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Glenn-Copeland crafted Keyboard Fantasies using a Yamaha DX-7 and a Roland TR-707 synthesizer, bringing together elements of folk, ambient, and electronica.

The album was originally self-released on cassette during 1986, but only gained commercial recognition decades later:

“Though written over 30 years ago, I have listened to your recent musings about the hope the music inspires and the calm it brings, finally understanding that the transmissions sent through me from what I call the Universal Broadcasting System are helping to accomplish the UBS’ purpose, namely that of bringing us together as a single human family at last,” shares Glenn-Copeland.

Keyboard Fantasies follows the release of his career-spanning retrospective album Transmissionsone of our favourite records of 2020.

Pre-order Keyboard Fantasies here in advance of its 9th April reissue, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Ever New
2. Winter Astral
3. Let Us Dance
4. Slow Dance
5. Old Melody
6. Sunset Village

Photo by: Nathan Bajar