Yasuaki Shimizu’s zany and elusive Subliminal LP reissued in new version





Wonderfully weird ’80s electronics meet traditional Japanese instrumentals.

Producer and musician Yasuaki Shimizu’s rare solo 1987 LP Subliminal is being rereleased for the first time in a new edition, this March via Japanism.

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The versatile and prolific composer recorded the album in Paris. “I wanted to capture the spirit of my everyday encounters with the people around me,” shares Shimizu.

(Re)Subliminal has been remastered from its original tapes, and includes two edits by Japanism label head Chee Shimizu.

It follows last year’s Music For Commercials – one of our favourite reissues of 2017.

Shimizu is also the founder of Mariah, whose Ukata No Hibi was one of our favourite reissues of 2015.

Pre-order a copy of (Re)Subliminal here ahead of its 21st March release, listen to ‘Tamare-Tamare’ and check out the track list below.


Side A

A1. Chiko-Chan
A2. Mamawasotode
A3. Tsuzuraori No Onna
A4. Tamare-Tamare

Side B

B1. Mari-Chan
B2. Chiko-Chan (Chee Shimizu Re-Edit)
B3. Tamare-Tamare (Chee Shimizu Re-Edit)