Vatican Shadow’s rare Silent Servant and Demdike Stare collaborations reissued on vinyl





Originally released as a limited run of 25 cassettes.

Dominick Fernow, aka Vatican Shadow, has reissued his ultra rare tape Kuwaiti Airforce on vinyl for the first time, via his Hospital Productions imprint.

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Kuwaiti Airforce was originally only available as a super limited run of 25 cassettes, distributed at an LA show in 2012. The LP features collaborations with Silent Servant, aka Juan Mendez, and Demdike Stare.

The new vinyl edition also features tracks from obscure early Vatican Shadow releases, including cassette-only Around The Dragon’s Broken Neck Hangs The Medal Of Saint Lazarus, as well as tracks taken from Hospital Productions’ 2011 compilation White Eye Of Winter Watching.

The release follows Demdike Stare’s Passion, one of our favourite albums of 2018.

Head here for more info, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Kuwaiti Airforce Rehearsal Part 1
2. Kuwaiti Airforce Rehearsal Part 2
3. Los Angeles Death Cult – SNA
4. Demdike Stare vs Vatican Shadow – Cohors Helvetica
5. The Triumph Of Religion
6. Conspiratorial Whispers
7. Unknown To The Peacock The Serpent And Scorpion Conspire
8. Soviet Union’s Vietnam War