Tenderlonious announces new album, Quarantena





Lockdown sounds inspired by sci-fi and fantasy films.

Tenderlonious is releasing a new album, titled Quarantena, via his own 22a imprint this August.

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Returning to the array of synths and studio hardware he’s amassed over the years whilst in lockdown at his south London home, Quarantena emerges as the soundtrack to his quarantine.

Inspired by sci-fi and fantasy movies, the album includes homages to The NeverEnding Story and Total Recall, as well as George Orwell’s 1984.

Quarantena follows the release of Tenderlonious’ Tender in Lahore EP in May, also on 22a.

Check out the artwork and tracklist below in advance of Quarantena’s pre-order date on 3rd July, ahead of its 21st August release.


1. 1984 (Chapter One)
2. Rocco’s Raga
3. Quarantena
4. Falkor’s Flight
5. Lockdown Boogie
6. Cover Blues
7. Total Recall
8. Moments Notice
9. Birds Of Paradise
10. MaskUP_GloveUP
11. Utopia
12. Forty Nights