Suzanne Ciani scores new short film, Music as Living Matter





Made entirely with Moog’s new Subharmonicon synthesizer and analogue video synthesis techniques.

Electronic maestro Suzanne Ciani and visual artist Scott Kiernan have released a new short film – Music as Living Matter – via Moog.

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Investigating conventional notions of sound, Ciani and Kierna looked to the illustrations and language found in Bob Moog’s copy of Joseph Schillinger’s book The Mathematical Basis of the Arts for inspiration.

Ciani’s score was made entirely with the new Moog Subharmonicon synthesizer, with Kierna’s visuals responding to the evolving sounds and textures she created on the synth.

“Music is merely a mechanism simulating organic existence. Music makes one believe it is alive because it moves and acts like living matter,” explains the narration.

Music as Living Matter follows Finders Keepers’ reissue of Ciani’s 1969 album Flowers of Evilone of our favourite reissues from 2019.

Watch Music as Living Matter in full above.

Photo by: Giovanni Dominici.