Eighties Belgian new wave artist Fred A. showcased in new anthology, De Angst Voorbij





Icy synths and lo-fi guitar. 

Stroom is compiling the work of Belgian musician Gerry Vergult’s alias Fred A., in a new anthology album, called De Angst Voorbij, released this February.

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Vergult, the co-founder of new wave and punk band Aroma di Amore, first debuted as Fred A. in 1984, releasing three tracks on split LP Erring And Errant with Belgian cold wave outfit Lè Travo in 1984.

Originally working on more minimal compositions, Fred A. reinvented his style after meeting musician Gerrit Valckenaers, and began using an early synthesizer to produce new wave sounds, coupled with lyrical nods to his love of Flemish and Dutch cabaret.

De Angst Voorbij collects 8 songs recorded between 1985-1986, with previously unreleased demos, as well as liner notes by Felix Poffé.

Head here for more info in advance of its 17th February release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Russische Roulette
2. Groene Weduwen
3. Faits Divers
4. Usurpation
5. Monster
6. De Donkere Dans
7. November
8. Nachtschade