Stereolab to reissue seven albums on vinyl





Limited special editions feature obi strips made from original 2″ master tapes.

Seven Stereolab records are set to be reissued on vinyl this year, via Warp and Duophonic UHF Disks.

The reissue campaign will begin on 3rd May, with new editions for 1993’s Transient Random Noise-Bursts With Announcements and 1994’s Mars Audiac Quintet.

Emperor Tomato Ketchup, Dots and Loops and Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky night will follow in August, with Sound-Dust and Margerine Eclipse slated for release in November. They will also include additional material such as alternate takes, 4 track demos and unreleased mixes.

Each album has been re-mastered from the original 1/2″ tapes by Bo Kondren at Calyx Mastering and overseen by Stereolab frontman Tim Gane.

The new editions will be pressed on triple clear vinyl and come with a poster and liner notes by Gane. Every album will contain a lottery style scratch card, with winners receiving a limited edition 12″ EP.

A ‘super’ limited edition version of each release, exclusive to the Duophpnic online shop, will also be available, with the additional joy of being wrapped in a numbered obi band made from 2″ 24 track Stereolab master tape.

Last year, Stereolab reissued Volumes 1-3 of their Switched On compilation on vinyl.

Transient Random Noise-Bursts With Announcements and 1994’s Mars Audiac Quintet will be released on 3rd May. Click here to pre-order a copy and listen to an early version mix of Stereolab’s iconic ‘French Disco’ below.


Transient Random Noise-Bursts With Announcements

01. Tone Burst
02. Our Trinitone Blast
03. Pack Yr Romantic Mind
04. I?m Going Out Of My Way
05. Golden Ball
06. Pause
07. Jenny Ondioline
08. Analogue Rock
09. Crest
10. Lock-Groove Lullaby
11. Fragments
12. Jenny Ondioline [7/EP Version – Alternative Mix]
13. Drum – Backwards Bass – Organ [Jenny Ondioline Breakdown Full Version]
14. Analogue Rock [Original Mix]
15. Pause [Original Mix]
16. French Disco [Early Version Mix]
17. Jenny Ondioline Part 2 [Breakdown Mix]
18. Fruition – Demo
19. I’m Going Out Of My Way = Demo
20. French Disco – Demo
21. Lock Groove Lullaby – Demo
22. Jenny Ondioline – Demo

Mars Audiac Quintet

01. Three-Dee Melodie
02. Wow And Flutter
03. Transona Five
04. Des Etoiles Electroniques
05. Ping Pong
06. Anamorphose
07. Three Longers Later
08. Nihilist Assault Group
90. International Colouring Contest
10. The Stars Our Destination
11. Transporte Sans Bouger
12. L?Enfer Des Formes
13. Outer Accelerator
14. New Orthophony
15. Fiery Yellow
16. Ulan Bator
17. Klang Tone
18. Melochord Seventy-Five [Original Pulse Version]
19. Outer Accelerator – [Original Mix]
20. Nihilist assault Group – Part 6
21. Wow and Flutter [7/EP Version – Alternative Mix]
22. Des Etoile Electroniques – Demo
23. Ping Pong- Demo
24. The Stars Our Destination – Demo
25. Three Longers Later – Demo
26. Transona Five – Demo
27. Transporté Sans Bouger – Demo