Nigerian Yoruba drum songs collected in new 2xLP Soul Jazz compilation





Hypnotic, spiritual rhythms.

Soul Jazz Records is releasing a new double album, Yoruba! Songs and Rhythms For The Yoruba Gods In Nigeria, showcasing traditional Yoruba music from Lagos.

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Co-produced by Blo founding member Laolu Akins and Soul Jazz Records’ Stuart Baker, its 10 tracks include traditional spiritual songs alongside instrumental cuts.

Yoruba! features local drummers led by Olatunji Samson Sotimirin on Bata, Dundun and talking drums, and singers featuring the lead vocals of Janet Olufanmilayo Abe.

The 2xLP comes with a 40-page booklet with photography and text detailing the history, influence, and social context of Yoruba culture throughout the world.

Yoruba! Songs and Rhythms For The Yoruba Gods In Nigeria is out 4th May via Soul Jazz Records, with a limited edition remix 12″ by Osunlade to follow later this year.

Listen to ‘Sakara Instrument Ensemble’, and check out the track list below.


1. Homage To Yemoja
2. Homage To Esu
3. Sakara Instrumental Ensemble
4. Homage To Obatala
5. Eulogy To Amila
6. Homage To Sango
7. Agbe Gbe-Wadele
8. Eulogy To Ori-Ola
9. Bata Drums Ensemble
10. Homage To Osun
11. Eshere
12. Dundun Instrumental Ensemble
13. Homage To Ogun