Sarah Davachi & Sean McCann collaborate on “autumnal album”, Mother of Pearl





Delicate ambient sculpted with four-handed piano, guitar, viola, and bells.

Sarah Davachi and Sean McCann are releasing a new collaborative album, titled Mother of Pearl, via McCann’s own Recital imprint this November.

The album was recorded at the pair’s home in California, as well as a farmhouse, with Davachi and Mcann using four-handed piano, guitar, viola, and bells.

Mother of Pearl consists of “sculpted hesitations made late at night,” shares the label. “The presence of room tone and the air are characters in all of these recordings – weaving freely within the music.”

It follows the release of Davachi’s Antiphonals album, in September.

Pre-order Mother of Pearl here in advance of its 5th November release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. LA in the Rain
2. Or Something
3. Lamplighter
4. Keep Outside the Night
5. Band of Gold
6. Daniela

Photo by: Ella Rinaldo