Rosemary’s Baby film score repressed on deluxe “ritual smoke” vinyl



“This isn’t a dream!”

The remastered score for Roman Polanski’s iconic 1968 horror film Rosemary’s Baby is being reissued on limited edition coloured vinyl, by Waxwork Records.

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Sourced from the score’s original tapes, composed by Krzysztof Komeda, the release is cut to 45rpm, features artwork by Jay Shaw and comes with an 11”x11” insert.

Order a copy here, listen to the OST and check out the track list below.

Side A

1. Main Title
2. Furnishing The Apartment
3. Chanting
4. Dream
5. Lullaby
6. The Pain
7. How To Prepare A Good Steak / The Ear
8. Holiday Music
9. After The Call To Hutch
10. Good Appetite
11. Lullaby / Crib Sequence

Side B

12. Scrabble
13. Book About Witchcraft
14. The Horrible Doctor
15. The Fragrance
16. The Horrible Doctor #2
17. The Short Dream
18. Iron Bars / Elevator Lift / Dr. Sapirstein and Syringe
19. Path To The Pit Of Evil #1
20. Path To The Pit Of Evil #2 & #3
21. What Have You Done?
22. End Title

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