Phonica Records taps Yak for percussive dance floor EP, Gerudo





Built around off-kilter drums and video game-inspired synths.

Phonica Records has released a new EP by Yak, called Gerudo, on its main label.

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The four-tracker sees Sheffield-based Yak (aka John Randall) moving from spaced-out bops of opener ‘Zip’ and video-game hued synths of ‘Guevenne Groove’ on the A-side, to the twirling shimmers of B-side ‘Fret’ and bubbling close of title track ‘Gerudo’.

Gerudo follows Phonica’s release of Harry Wolfman’s The Ritual EP, on its Karakul sub-label, as well as Yak’s ‘Umbra’ / ‘Kaepora’ – one of our favourite dance records in July.

Head here to order a copy, and check out the tracklist below.

Side A

1. Zip
2. Guevenne Groove

Side B

1. Fret
2. Gerudo