Optimo Music releasing new Bergsonist LP, Middle Ouest





A “sonic autobiography” from the Brooklyn-via-Morocco artist and producer. 

NYC-based musician Bergsonist, aka Selwa Abd, is releasing a new LP, titled Middle Ouest, this January via Optimo Music.

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Taking her name from French philosopher Deleuze’s 1988 book Bergsonism, Bergsonist similarly explores identity, memory and social politics, through the filter of electronic music.

Listen to ‘La Rave’ below:

Described by Bergsonist as a “sonic autobiography”,  Middle Ouest moves from the relaxed rhythms of ‘Amazon Snake Charmer’, to the industrial hues of ‘Don’t Have Babies’, before closing with warped, unnerving vocals in ‘Poverty’.

It follows Lia Mice’s The Sampler As A Time Machine remix album on Optimo Music earlier this year.

Head here for more info in advance of its 17th of January release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Middle Ouest
2. Amazon Snake Charming
3. Gaza Border Violence
4. Magnesium’
5. Otology
6. L’algorithme
7. La Rave
8. Ach Briti
9. Don’t Have Babies
10. Faith Game
11. Poverty

Photo by: Cameron Kelly Courtesy