Inside Optimo’s record bag

Inside Optimo's record bag



Originally posted on FACT.

Last week, The Vinyl Factory had Scottish DJing / clubnighting / label running duo Optimo down for a private party.

FACT TV caught up with JD Twitch and JG Wilkes to find out what’s in their record bags at the moment. Delroy Edwards, Charles Cohen and – surprise, surprise – Nurse with Wound feature.

Last year Optimo remixed one third of Jeremy Deller’s English Magic EP, transforming the artist’s lilting steel band cover of A Guy Called Gerald’s ‘Voodoo Ray’ into a luscious, piano-driven acid house belter in the vein of the original. JD Twitch also selected his 10 favourite Scottish records when The Vinyl Factory were up in Glasgow in October.

Also worth checking: Twitch’s recent piece on Coil’s Horse Rotorvator for FACT’s Forgotten Classics series, and FACT TV’s previous look into Four Tet’s record bag.

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