Warp announces new Yves Tumor album, Heaven To A Tortured Mind





With a new video for first single ‘Gospel For A New Century’.

Yves Tumor is releasing a new LP, called Heaven To A Tortured Mind, this April via Warp.

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Heaven To A Tortured Mind’s  12-tracks were written and composed by Yves Tumor, with vocals from Pan Daijing and Kelsey Lu.

Tumor has also shared its first single, ‘Gospel For A New Century’, as well as an Isamaya Ffrench-directed accompanying video, which presents a “Fellini-esque androgynous underworld as the setting for a mephistophelian sermon atop a crumbling throne.”

The LP follows Safe in the Hands of Love – one of our favourite albums of 2018.

Head here for more info in advance of Heaven To A Tortured Mind’s 3rd April release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


Side A

1. Gospel For A New Century
2. Medicine Burn
3. Identity Trade
4. Kerosene!
5. Hasdallen Lights

Side B

1. Romanticist
2. Dream Palette
3. Super Stars
4. Folie Imposée
5. Strawberry Privilege
6. Asteroid Blues
7. A Greater Love

Photo by: Jordan Hemingway