This new book explores Courtney Love’s relationship with Liverpool’s 1980s rock scene



“(The city) was a great school to become a rock star.”

Writer and DJ Dave Haslam is publishing a new book on Courtney Love’s relationship with Liverpool, titled Searching For Love, Courtney Love in Liverpool, 1982, this March via Confingo.

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In 1982, a then 17-year-old Courtney Love traveled to Liverpool, with the formative months she spent there becoming “one of the most important things of (her) existence.”

Searching For Love collects stories and memories from this period, chronicling Love’s feud with Pete Burns, the places she frequented and the music scene that inspired her.

Haslam also extends his gaze to Liverpool’s wider rock music scene, surveying the role of independent record labels during a time of hardship and decline. “Being in a band and making music was a way to break the silence, to give the city the voice that national politics was denying,” explains Haslam.

Marking the third publication in Haslam’s Art Decades series, Searching For Love follows 2019’s We the Youth: Keith Haring’s New York Nightlife.

Head here for more info in advance of Searching For Love’s 2nd March release, and check out the cover below.