Melodies International announces two coveted soul and disco reissues





Starting the new year off with a pair of essentials.

Melodies International is reissuing two records this January – Shahid Wheeler’s ‘Just One Dance Before You Go’ on 12″ and Jack Jacobs’ ‘I Believe It’s Alright’ on 7″.

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Jack Jacobs began his music career singing in an acapella doo-wop band in Philadelphia during the 1960s. In the 1970s, he moved to Atlantic City in New Jersey, which is where he wrote and recorded the single ‘I Believe It’s Alright’.

Though the track was originally released on a local label called Libra, it received little commercial success at the time.

‘I Believe It’s Alright’ has been remastered for this first ever reissue in its original promo 7″ format, and comes b/w an extended version on the B-side, as well as the Melodies Melozine.

UK producer James Hartnett (who also helmed the studio band Hosana), wrote, recorded and self-released ‘Just One Dance Before You Go’ in 1978.

It features Leroy Shahid Wheeler on lead vocals, alongside drums, bass, a Hammond organ and horns.

‘Just One Dance Before You Go’ has been remastered for this first ever reissue in its original 12″ format, b/w the instrumental on the B-side.

The records follow a string of stellar offerings from the label, including Melodies’ re-release of our favourite reissue single of the year – Trio Ternura’s ‘A Gira’.

Pre-order a copy of ‘I Believe It’s Alright’ here and ‘Just One Dance Before You Go’ here ahead of their January 2019 release, and listen to the tracks above.