Meemo Comma soundtracks an imaginary anime on Neon Genesis: Soul Into Matter²





Twilight ambient, breakbeat, and choral synths from the year 5781.

Meemo Comma, aka Lara Rix-Martin, is releasing a new album called Neon Genesis: Soul Into Matter², via Planet Mu this March.

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Designed as the soundtrack to an imaginary anime, Neon Genesis: Soul Into Matter² takes inspiration from both Nineties manga and anime, and Jewish mysticism and stories.

Across the LP’s 14 tracks Rix-Martin incorporates elements of ambient, choral synths, breakbeat, and Aramaic chanting.

Neon Genesis: Soul Into Matter² is accompanied by the following statement:

“In the year 5781 humanity is ever closer to becoming a singular consciousness. A team of humans are forming an android, Adam Kadmon (CODENAME: UNIT KADMON). First, humans have to gain higher consciousness guided by the Sefirot.”

It follows Planet Mu’s release of Speaker Music’s Black Nationalist Sonic Weaponryone of our favourite albums of 2020.

Pre-order Neon Genesis: Soul Into Matter² here in advance of its 19th March release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Upload To Unit Kadmon
2. Neon Genesis: Title Sequence
3. Tikkun Olam
4. Ein Sof
5. Tzimtzum
6. Gevurah
7. Genesis 8:22 – Annihilation
8. Tohu & Tikun
9. Tif’eret
10. Unit Chai
11. Yetzirah
12. Merkabah
13. Nefesh
14. End Credits