Listen to Penelope Trappes’ quiet, haunting Winter Solstice mix



A pagan soundtrack to the shortest day of the year.

The Golden Filter’s Penelope Trappes struck out in 2018, releasing a glorious, gothic opus Penelope Two on Houndstooth last month, the 7″ single of which ‘Carry Me’ was one of favourites of 2018.

Now, to mark the shortest day of the year, Trappes has delivered VF an exclusive Winter Solstice mix of crepuscular ambiance – a personal homage to the dying light.

As Trappes explains: “I find winter solstice magical, auspicious, and it’s a time to embrace my pagan side. This playlist is almost like a bookend to my year of musical explorations, summing up the journey, and the longest night of the year is when I feel it the most deeply. I made a Solstice mix last year, and I plan on doing a Solstice mix every year to give back good energy to everyone that gave it.”

An accompaniment to the spacious aesthetic of her album, the mix spans electronic pioneers like Vangelis and Tangerine Dream, contemporary artists like Tim Hecker and the twinkling harp of Mary Lattimore, and provides an insight into the musical influences which have helped shape her sound.