Lenco launches new range of entry-level turntables





With built-in speakers, an audio-technica cartridge, USB, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Lenco is launching a new range of turntables, called the 400 series.

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The 410, 430, and 440 turntables all feature built-in speakers, Bluetooth, and a USB port.

All three models also include 33 and 54rpm speed options, as well as a built-in Audio-Technica cartridges.

The LS-410 is available in walnut wood, and is priced at £220. It measures 19.2 x 42.5 x 36cm, and weighs 6kg.

Available in black or brown imitation leather, the LS-430 costs £240. It measures 19.2 x 42.5 x 37cm, and weighs 5.7kg

The LS-440 is available in blue, beige or grey, and retails for £250. It measures 19.2 x 42.5 x 37cm and weighs 7.4kg.

Head here for more info on the LS-410, here for the LS-430, and here for the LS-440.