LCD Soundsystem etch secret message into American Dream vinyl



Hidden on the D-side.

The new LCD Soundsystem LP American Dream has a hidden message on it, reports Exclaim.

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“SEE U IN 5 YEARS” is etched on the album’s D-side. Whether this is a nod to the length of their hiatus before they reformed last year, or the length of time fans have to wait for their next release remains to be seen.

Hiding messages on physical releases is nothing new. Radiohead’s recent OKNOTOK boxset contained a cassette with 1980s ZX Spectrum computer code.

And David Bowie’s 2016 Blackstar LP famously contained additional artwork and hidden patterns when exposed to different types of light reflections.

Head here to order a copy of LCD Soundsystem’s American Dream, and listen to opening track ‘Oh Baby’ below.