Italian composer Piero Piccioni celebrated in Il Dio Sotto La Pelle reissue





Weaving lounge music with psychedelia, soul and jazz, with 12 previously unreleased tracks.

Piero Piccioni’s soundtrack to 1974 documentary Il Dio Sotto La Pelle is being reissued on 2xLP this February via Sonor Music Editions and Musica Per Immagini.

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Piccioni originally worked as a movie rights lawyer for producers in Italy, before being asked to score a Luigi Polidoro-directed documentary. Leaving the legal profession shortly afterwards, Piccioni went on to compose over 300 soundtracks for radio, television, ballet and orchestras.

Il Dio Sotto La Pelle features vocal from from English singer-songwriter Catherine Howe and Italian singer Edda Dell’Orso.

First released in 2000 via Easy Tempo, this reissue has been remastered from the original master tapes, and includes 12 previously unreleased tracks.

Sonor Music Editions recently reissued Alessandro Alessandroni’s 1972 LP Open Air Parade.

Head here for more info in advance of Il Dio Sotto La Pelle’s 3rd February release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


Side A:

1. It’s Possible (vocals: Catherine Howe)
2. Inventions
3. Let’s Dream Anyhow
4. Love Will Find A Way
5. St. Francis Katmandu
6. It’s Possible Again

Side B:

1. St. Francis Katmandu 2 (vocals: Catherine Howe)
2. Nights To Come (vers. flauto)
3. New Ways To Live
4. Il Dio Sotto La Pelle (M4)
5. No Return Point
6. A Starless Night
7. Far East Dimensions

Side C:

1. No Return Point (2a vers.)
2. Give Love A Chance
3. No Turning Point
4. Katmandu
5. Give Love A Chance (vers. alternativa)
6. Il Dio Sotto La Pelle (M6 vers. lunga)

Side D:

1. Give Love A Chance (IIa vers.)
2. Il Dio Sotto La Pelle (M21)
3. Il Dio Sotto La Pelle (M29 A)
4. It’s Possible
5. No Return Point (vers. senza piatto)
6. Il Dio Sotto La Pelle (M15 Combo)
7. It’s Possible (IIa vers.)
8. Il Dio Sotto La Pelle (M15 Pastorale)

Photo courtesy of the Piccioni estate.