Grupo Controle Digital’s cult LP A Festa É Nossa reissued for the first time



Lo-fi Brazilian synth from 1988.

Grupo Controle Digital’s A Festa É Nossa is being reissued on vinyl for the first time, via Soundway Records this August.

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Originally released in 1988, A Festa É Nossa was the only album that São Paolo duo Grupo Controle Digital, aka Billy Jaguar and Gel Valiery, ever recorded together.

Its title track, ‘A Festa É Nossa’, was included in Soundway’s recent Onda De Amor ’80s-’90s Brazilian synth compilation, which is how the label found surviving member Jaguar.

A Festa É Nossa has been remastered from its original tapes, featuring replica album artwork.

Pre-order a copy of the album here ahead of its 31st August release, check out the cover and track list below.


1. Noite Eterna
2. Zero Grau
3. Sentimentos
4. O Gato E O Rato
5. Vital “O Marginal”
6. A Festa É Nossa
7. Pânico Geral
8. Mundo Cão
9. Primavera
10. Barra Pesada

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