Fela Kuti’s musical and socio-political legacy celebrated in new film, Fela Kuti: Father Of Afrobeat



With previously unseen archival footage and interviews.

Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti is the subject of a new documentary, called Fela Kuti: Father Of Afrobeat, debuting via BBC2 on Saturday 21st November.

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Born during 1938, Kuti was a pioneer of the Afrobeat sound, which mixes traditional yoruba and Afro-Cuban influences with jazz and funk – as well as an international force in politics through his activist work.

Directed by Biyi Bandele, Fela Kuti: Father Of Afrobeat brings together unseen archival footage, interviews from Kuti’s children, wives, friends, and fans to offer new insight into the legendary musician.

As the documentary unfolds, it explores his global influence, and why more than a million people wanted to attend his Lagos funeral in 1997.

Fela Kuti: Father Of Afrobeat will air on BBC2 this Saturday 21st November, at 9:30pm.

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